• zohiii 68w

    If conversations with
    me become arguments, refrain.
    I am a timid, happy-go-lucky person;
    I might not teem with
    generosity but still, I pour.
    I'm an ocean in myself,
    I'll weave your slurs
    and the chagrin in
    sheepish smiles,
    and I'll be your punching bag.
    Wrath, and frustration,
    all the bad days,
    I'll soak them all inside myself,
    after all, I'm an ocean,
    and I've learnt to soak everything.
    But, I have days too,
    when I forget I'm a people-pleaser
    and then I'm a volcano,
    and then if you are in a
    conversation with me, refrain.
    These are days when the
    slightest of your jests,
    are bubbles in the lava
    that rages to ooze out of me,
    and when it does,
    I become an ocean again,
    then I feel guilty and
    I do what I do best on
    good days, I pour.
    So if you're in a conversation
    with me and you get hurt,
    I'll be head to toe
    for you when I'd be an ocean,
    but before that, refrain.


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