• inspirationalthought 59w


    Different people around us
    Different exams in life
    Different. Different so different
    But unique and wonderful, yet we still learn how to love, care and live life in an awesome way
    Different aims, achievement
    Different wants and needs
    Different formular of life, we try mixing different chemicals together just to get a pleasant result
    We observe,record, calculate,if it's an hypothesis,we go into further experiments......................
    We are scientists but in so many different ways and mindsets
    Albert Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge
    In biology image is what we create in us..
    In chemistry, it's all about observation testing, experiments...
    In physics,it all about everything on Earth
    We are humans, we dream for special things, we imagine ,we observe, we experiment, we talk about how we can occupy a good space on Earth
    We are "MATTER"
    But what "MATTERS" are we
    ***Think about it
    Are we oxygen that gives people life and hope?
    Are we Nitrogen (I) oxide that makes people laugh away there pains and sorrows?
    We are Carbon monoxide?(a poisonous gas)

    What matters are we?
    What chemicals are we?

    ## Be different positively
    Be A
    * MATTER*