• jeelpatel 17w

    Take a chance

    Build those cities of dust in monsoon
    First-kick-fate threats to erase homes
    Outskirts dare to draw thundered map
    Denser the rageful trees' beards grow
    An accepted attitude to known deaths

    Skipper drives boat full of bucket lists
    Impulsive waters leak ghosty-giggles
    Midst folds of waves yellow sun sinks
    Wing'd wishes leave sighing silhouette
    Struggle shivers without seein' reward

    Aftermath seven colour'd sky chirrups
    Collapsed roofs lose that vision of joy
    Hunger and hopes echo in last prayers
    Dead is the skin to touch new beginnin'
    All cells underneath still fight fearlessly

    Mud balls get mould'd so opportunities
    Stubborn footprints fit back in its place
    Suffered humans again stand stronger
    Circumstances they have been through
    Now passionate life gifting happy hues

    How long chances make thou deprived
    Let the agitated air challange thy knees
    Fall hard that brokenness breaks limits
    Rebuild yourself again out of passions
    As perseverance paints thy dreams true