• virtually_real 29w

    Deep in me
    A dream descends
    Hollowed from within
    Myself a fading grin
    Nothing to drink
    Deeper I do sink
    Cyan my mattress
    Halcyon on a branch
    Soaked in happiness
    My heart a sponge
    Winter around the corner
    Drizzling yet perpetual
    How's snow so white?
    A love so natural
    Hiding in the burrows
    A rabbit pricks its ears
    Crawls up from beneath
    All my clumsy fears
    They walk around my bed
    And sleep under my pillow
    I kiss the pillow in your name
    I hug your words so you know
    I keep you closest on cold nights
    Even closer on the warm ones
    As soon I put out all lights
    Deep in my mind your dreams run
    They travel from one edge to the other
    They embrace me like a brother
    I only watch them pass by
    Dream of you and down I lie
    In your embrace that feels like forever
    I can't help but wish to die
    It's so beautiful a dream, my love
    I can't resist no matter how hard I try
    With you in my heart
    I breathe in the sky
    With you in my mind
    I begin to fly
    With you in my life
    I feel I'm always home

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    This noise in my head
    Uneasiness in my bed
    On the edge of my chair
    I tie thoughts in a thread
    Trading it for a reality
    A little far from obscurity
    Where lies in my vision
    Your beautiful city
    On bridges of which
    We walk and cry
    On waters on which
    We laugh and die
    I hug you till moon leaves the sky
    We live in clouds
    And the night turns shy
    In your eyes I paint my movies
    On my palms you write your history
    In pages of a novel too flimsy
    We live for eternity in a beautiful story
    I read you aloud like a poem
    Letting the world know how much
    I've loved you in this world
    And how much
    I'll love you hereafter
    All eyes would see us
    As eternal lovers