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    T O F A T H E R S

    We are born from our mother's womb and during those nine months a mother has to go through several physical changes.
    But society always fails to notice those emotional ups and downs, a father gone through . When mother suffers labor pain to deliver a child we always fails to see father helplessly staring her wife from ICU's window and praying for his child to come safe.
    If we praise mothers to bear an offspring for 36 weeks then we should appreciate fathers because we never know , deep down
    how many times he controlled his tears from rolling down when he touched the womb and felt his baby kicking.

    T O B R O T H E R S

    When a seven year old holds his newly born sister and promise her to give all his chocolates when she'll grow up.
    And at twelve when they both go school together he holds her hand and shift her to the side where there is no traffic , where his younger self can walk without any stones on his way and himself lifting the step of bag up which comes down when he walks past the crowded points.

    T O H U S B A N D S

    Who despite having so much stress in office constantly thinking about his pregnant wife if she has eaten anything or not.
    Filled with guilt that how much irresponsible he is, left his wife alone at this time.
    Who is ready to ignore lavish office parties to arrange a small candle light dinner with his wife.

    T O B O Y F R I E N D S

    Who feels jealous when her girlfriend talk with another guy and want to restrain her doing this but at the same time convince himself 'that loving her doesn't give him the right to control her life'. Who play both the roles of a talkative best friend and of a shy partner when it comes to romance her.