• h_soul1 49w


    Black paint highlights colours
    Black cars are craved everywhere
    The colour black portrays success and power
    Everything black is beautiful
    Except...black skin
    The shade of our skin is our biggest crime
    We are made to apologize for it
    For our skin,we are persecuted and beaten
    For our skin,we are suspected of every crime
    Why can't they see our pain and strife ?
    How different is the black man from the white man?
    They adopt our culture,
    They braid their hair,they sing our songs,they dance our dances
    Yet they kill us.
    Because of this shade of skin to them, we are no better than animals
    No matter how loud we shout and protest they refuse to hear us
    Why won't they have mercy?
    Why won't they open their eyes to see
    Eggs have white or brown shells
    But when they are cracked,the yolk is always the same
    We all bleed the same red blood
    For how long will we be disgraced because of our skin
    For how long will there be the phrase "too black"
    For how long will we fall under the mercy of this injustice
    Today we cry out
    Today we make our voices known
    Today we show them what blacks stand for
    Today we show them the angry flame burning inside of us
    Today we use our powerful voices to shout for our freedom and liberation
    Today we peacefully protest
    Today we let them know if they don't see our blackness then they don't see us
    Today we say...