• weirdo08 44w

    Lessons learnt in past 1 month

    1. Sometimes losing hope is freedom! ABSOLUTE FREEDOM. Especially, when it demands attachment/expression/response from someone other than you.

    2. Seeing thing as they are and not kill yourself with 'maybe' / 'someday' / 'could be'

    3. Silence is a much better option when all you have is annoyance, hurt and disappointment to express

    4. Value thyself. Say NO without hesitation and define your own conditions. The right people will come along and somehow find these conditions to be perfect and aligned with theirs.

    5. Emotionally healthy person looks for genuine relationships and creates one. Emotionally unhealthy person will consume you in their own confusion and despondency. Strive to become emotionally healthy first before putting yourself out there in the dating world.

    6. Whatever did not work out for you, it was not yours to begin with. And even if it is, do not beat yourself about it. Keep living and let life flow.

    7. You are not in control of externalities but totally in control of your being. Be super hopeful of the opportunities you can create for yourself and things you can give to your self. Be not hopeful (AT ALL) of what others can give you and should think/behave as you.

    8. Finally, it is all within you. Change your mindset and change your life. Choice is yours to be stuck in the same situation or move on and create a thriving life for yourself. Every experience is 100% created by you. You choose to be sad. You choose to be happy