• kalpesh08 55w

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    Lats night was hard. We didn't got chance to talk to each other due to bad network. And I wasn't able to say her goodnight like I always do... I hope you guys may understand it more better now...

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    Just woke up!
    Had the scariest dream...
    You weren't there...
    And thoughts started to pile up
    I remembered you told me once
    'We never know what may happen
    In the the next moment of our life'
    I felt lost again!
    My eyes just opened
    My breath was heavy!
    And I reached out to the phone
    I was looking for something...
    Your text!
    I knew you would be up soon
    And reach out to me first thing in the morning
    And I wasn't wrong
    Thank you never do justice for you
    You made my all worries
    Just fade away...
    I think I'm falling for you even more
    Why do you find me so much adore?