• manisha_rameshbabu 17w


    When I see you, my tongue tintinnabulate
    And I hear a soul-shattering kaboom
    Turning everything mute including me
    I no more hear the pitter-patter of rain
    Or the rusty rustle of leaves in autumn stain

    I no more hear the clutter clatters,
    The whoosh of the zephyr
    Or the snap of the twig
    I feel my cracking knuckles
    Spotting your soft chuckles
    But I don't hear them anymore

    I never hear your voice
    You never hear my baffling noise
    Like a television on a mute mode
    Like a mime playing emotion note
    I keep vocalizing in a million silent way
    Only hoping you will understand some day

    Though my efforts broke
    And my voice choke
    My heart keeps struggling deep inside
    To break my shreiking silence

    Million words strangled deep
    Discharge bullets, Dakka Dakka
    Piercing my heart's ark
    But yes, I chose this silence
    I chose to love you muted
    Because silence has no rejection
    I could just love you
    The way my heart knows


    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #onomatopoeia #wod #pod

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