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    Let us be the change we wish to see in the world..❤️ #saynotopatriarchy #noGenderroles

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    【~A Better Day~】

    The day when this world stops blaming its daughters for being teased & raped,
    Is the day when daughters will start having the courage to say no, with a roar like a lioness..

    The day when this world stops locating its honour between its women's legs,
    Is the day when girls will start earning their name for an honour truer than a surname!

    The day this world stops seeing women as just objects of pleasure and procreation,
    Is the the day women will start using their gifts for betterment of humanity..

    The day this world stops deciding how their daughters should look, should laugh, should talk and how to cry even..
    Is the day women will stop being passive in deciding their own life's course, they'll be the ones steering the wheels of power, just as responsibly as men..

    The day we stop blaming little girls for being angry & demanding over little things,
    We'd stop having women die at the hands of their men instead of them choosing to endure the pains!