• prose_met_pankti 59w


    My dear friend,
    So,last day when I saw the calendar,I remembered it's your birthday.
    Even Facebook reminded me, and so did your social media!
    Thus,I didn't forget, I ignored.
    And yes,
    I lied when I said It slipped my mind.
    I lied when I acted like I am occupied.
    But the story isn't sudden,it's gradual.
    Because as I told you,
    I am good with nostalgia and its nuances.
    Somewhere from seeing each other everyday, Narrating our daily tales
    While exchanging dresses,songs and movies
    To finally walking on different paths with a promise of being connected,
    Life happened to us.
    Just like it happens to everyone else.

    © Prose_Met_Pankti