• ibtidatahsinibnat 42w


    I was a backbencher.
    I was a backbencher so I didn't had any emotions. So my respected teachers and dearly friends could speak anything to me .Their bad words didn't reach to my heart .
    I wasn't considered as a student neither as a human. So they talked me as roughly as they could.
    As I was a backbencher I was invisible also.So they never considered for anything .My right things were cover under a invisibility cloak just like me .But my wrong things were not covered by them .So all the time they were darting into their eyes .So I am always popular on the country and talk of the town .
    Because of my poor result I became a backbencher. But I didn't just only lost in academic,I also lost in everything .So my identity my unworthy,disloyal,liar and all the wrong terms in the dictionary.
    So backbenchers are part of the education system and not also.