• seraphic_pristine 87w

    People so fake

    Yesterday was so hard
    poked my heart like a dart
    shattered me and tore me apart
    all stood still and ended the start
    heartbeat stopped and killed my heart

    Moon was shining at the sky
    heart filled with love, hopes were high
    with a strand I was thinking to tie
    our togetherness that would never die
    But I know I was living in a lie

    my love was pure, strong was the strand I thought it wouldn't loose its strength
    but tell me my love why did you pretend
    as if every moment we'll together spend
    will love me forever and will never end
    now you left me, as if you never contained
    Now I knew
    fakes everywhere real so few
    am so hopeless don't know what to do
    But perfect definition for fake is you