• broken_glass_words 53w

    The Void

    I'm numb,
    a still figure of tears and snow
    freezing to ice that stings my eyes,
    my cheeks,
    my throat,
    and I'm in pain,
    and I'm gray.
    One word, then it all changes.
    I'm overwhelmed,
    a dark pile of bones,
    feeling sick to my core, emptying
    my belly
    into a porcelain bowl,
    and I'm green.
    I'm broken,
    a trembling shadow of remorse,
    filled with hatred and depression,
    an image of a silver blade
    pressed to pale skin,
    and I'm red.
    Colors aren't exciting,
    they're scary.
    Shades are darker,
    clouds are black,
    not white,
    and I'm falling back into
    the void.