• thephilosophicalmind 21w

    Change India Be The Change

    We all know that no system is perfect but even for an imperfect system 73 years of freedom is enough time to change. As a student and citizen it's not abnormal for any you to expect your rights. But shockingly even in these extreme times, no schools are will to co operate. Sadly the story doesn't end there. The education ministry is forcing children to give exams or their year wil be wasted. Their explanation being that it is best we no waste time and hold back the future of India. What's most shocking is that as of now how series of events has taken place.

    Child forced to give exams
    Severe increase in Taxes
    Reopening cites at such a critical time

    We are requesting the Government to turn on a semi lockdown in all major cities and post pone all exams.