• paulwrites 184w

    Write Now!

    I just want to give a word of encouragement to all the writers out there, male and female alike, young or old, experienced or just finding your writing voice....

    Let no one discourage you! Let no one take your talent and suppress it. When i was a young boy in middle school we had to write a short story for an assignment. I was fourteen years old and wrote a love story. The teacher reacted by saying boys don't write love stories. This discouraged me for years, and while i did overcome her negative comment, it took a long time to get back on track expressing myself.

    Listen up, now....Write what you want. Are you a boy? Write that love story. Are you a girl? Write about monsters if you want. Are you an older person? Write about youth. Are you a teenager? Write about your future. Whatever you want to write, just write it. Don't give anyone the power to tear you down. Not teachers, parents, or friends. You are a writer! It is your gift, your talent to express yourself to the world. So express it. Share your thoughts, poems, and stories. They are yours to breathe into the hearts and minds of others. Someone is out there waiting for your words, so speak them.

    Bless all the writers and talented minds here on Mirakee. I wish you all the best in your writing endeavors, goals, and accomplishments. Never stop doing what you do. Now stop reading this and go write. But before you do, go share this post so that maybe others will find the encouragement to start or keep writing as well. Write now :)