• adunbar 54w

    Spieler in a Straw Boater

    Second hand candy striped jacket
    look close enough to see the bullet holes
    torn through the fabric that left the last owner both ventilated and vacant.
    The new spieler slipped right into it
    and hasn't fixed it yet
    he's got this higher calling
    when he dons the white straw boater hat
    raps a gavel on the rostrum
    always begins his routine like that.

    "Hey you! Yeah you, you young stud!
    Whyn't you and your lady walk down these stairs
    and worship at the Church of the Underground!!?
    It won't cost ya a cent but we got bookies in the back if you wanna place a bet
    on slippin through the eye of a needle
    play the over/under on angels and pins!
    There's no bible son, no cross, no Okie preacher fresh from a tent outside
    Lawrence fucking Kansas!
    This is the Church of the Underground all we want is your attention...hey,
    can you worship in the minor chords?
    The reason why I ask you that is,
    see, we gotta a guitarista who only grants salvation in runs of E (eternal) Flat
    Boy, you won't hear shuffle in C on our aural rosary
    and the call and response is to whoever you let it be.
    Church of the Underground, son, turning blood into Mogen David wine just a buck 99 and for the sacred price of that
    you can watch the holy roller go-go dancers in sequined thongs till closing time where you've cum and gone!
    with a heaping side of fun
    mixed with the syncopated rhythm of the revelation, that's some power in your pocket and...
    You're not gonna get a better deal that boy, so step up and step in, the only thing you got to lose is feeling shame bout your sins!