• alishakausheen 118w

    Here I sit
    In a class I never wanted to be
    May be pointless to admit
    What I wanted to see?
    Here I sit
    In a class I never wanted to be
    Now dont want to leave
    As if it's the only place where happiness can be.....
    Here I sit
    In a ground which I call my own
    All I could see are memories sown
    Capturing every moment the eyes can see
    As they are the only things going with me....
    Here I sit
    On the stairs outside the class
    Thinking about the mischieves
    We have done in the past
    May not be able to do that again
    Still finding ways to be that insane...
    Here I sit at the back of the class
    Listening to all the conversation
    As if it's the last
    But still can't express
    As emotions are vast
    And words cant be cast....
    Here I write
    With tears in my eyes
    As I leave the world behind
    Realising the conversations
    Are gonna be shorter with time
    Still promising each other
    Everything will be same
    We'll still find ways to be that insane......
    -Alisha Kausheen