• thatweirdislandgirl 23w

    I Wrote this poem for you

    I wrote this poem just for you
    The beautiful person who is reading this
    A reminder to be grateful that you are on the Wake Up list

    I wrote it to remind you that diamonds come from the rough
    And that you are a rare gem- You are more than enough
    And I Know that life isn’t always the easiest sometimes it gets tough and sometimes it feels like there is no hope, and you feel like giving up

    But before you do, please remember that not all plants die when they whither
    Before you give up, please consider
    What if you are robbing yourself of the chance to be all that you had aspire 
    If you give up when things get tough, how then can you truly inspire?
    The persons who are going through way worse than what you are experiencing
    What if you are next in line for your blessing?

    I wrote this poem for you
    To remind you that grey skies turns blue
    And you are next in line for a break through