• mrithiga_shree 80w

    I wrote this sleep-deprived, i might delete this later cause it's so elementary, but yeah, here's some more dumb free verses

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    Pandora's box

    Pandora's box hath opened
    Filling my head with thoughts
    Fluttering around, the evil
    Consuming my world with it

    Floods of disease flow freely
    Over all my cracks and crevices
    Until all I know is to drown
    Amidst the tenebrosity

    Good hath been forgotten
    Lost in the pandemonium
    Living , beating, fighting

    It will preside, one mighty day
    Bathe the darkness with holy white light
    Wash away the blood and gore
    Of the demons once galore

    Until then, I'll ready my angels
    For the battle of calm and chaos
    The bloody world war in my mind