• kholofelo 76w

    How you must be

    Be like a sun,keep on shining
    And let the worldburn
    Allow yourself to make mistakes
    And if you make a mistake,be quick to admit
    It but don't do the same mistake twice
    You must not force things ,you must only have space
    And energy for what is meant for you
    Accept what you have and you will get what you want
    Be strongenough to fight alone and be wise enough to wait for your turn
    You must prefer to read the bible than a word of mouth
    Accept the flaws and starts loving yourself ❤
    The most beautiful curve of a person is their smileYour smile is your signature,happiness is a choice❤
    It's better to lose a pride for the one you love than to
    Lose the one you love because of pride
    Live your own because u only live once Honestly must be your middle name ,sometimes change
    is what we need