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    A Teardrop on love

    I love to love you.
    I love to love the idea:
    You have loved me too ;
    Quite careless though,
    Like breeze through untamed locks
    Doesn't know how maddening its touch is.
    I love the way I build you up
    Every night like a familiar stranger,
    Sometimes in dark,
    Sometimes in Moonbeam,
    Stitching sinew,
    Drawing every string with care
    Until you would become quite vivid
    To scream my name, Moonstruck,
    Until the sun would rise
    And you would become a cool morning air.

    I love to love you.
    I love to call the voice insane,
    The voice that whispers:
    I don't love you,
    You are just a piece of my figment,
    I love my idea of what you are,
    I love to mould you inside me,
    With my fragments.
    I love to disown that voice.
    I love to reiterate:
    I love to love you
    And I do with all my soul.

    Doesn't that make me love you?