• _seed_ 62w

    Want some one
    To be greatfull
    obedient and disciplined
    Show them the struggles
    You go through first
    Instead of giving
    Them the good life
    Show them that
    Everything needs to
    Be Earned

    Dont spoil them first
    And then resort to
    Disturbing Physicological
    And violent means
    To reverse
    Your doing

    You aren't

    You are either
    Creating a dead body
    A Monster

    Ps:- those who still think
    Violence and mental abuse is the only way to
    Teach a child
    There will come a day when your legs will be life less and your throat dry as fallen leaf
    And you will watch your grand children be treated
    The same way you once did
    Or even take one step further than you did
    Willing to watch that??
    If yes then go ahead

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