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    4th of April 2021 #5

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    Root Word (1)

    Omni: (All)

    Omnibus: a vehicle carrying many passengers.

    Omnidirectional: in all directions.

    Omnigenous: Containing all varieties.

    Omnifarious: Of all varieties.

    Omnificent: creating all that comes into existence.

    Omnilegent: who has read everything.

    Omniphibious: can land on any surface (water, ice, snow, or land)

    Omnipotent: Omni + potent(powerful), Almighty.

    Omnipotence: Unlimited power.

    Omnipresent: Present everywhere or Ubiquitous.

    Omniscience: Quality of having infinite knowledge.

    Omniscient: Who knows everything.

    Omniverse: a universe that is spatiotemporally four-dimensional.

    Omnivore: Who eats plant & animals both

    Omnivorous: Who eats everything.