• veloc1ty_ 30w

    everything remotely happy about me traces back to her and her smile. every happy memory that's stored in my mind, she's smiling in those. riveting as it is, her smile is the only sight where I'd lay my eyes on, even when the sky is being graced by a picture perfect sunset. and believe me, while its going down the horizon, the sun will feel envious of my gaze.

    the castle of happiness where i spend my happy days with her, stands firm on the foundation she laid with her bare hands. its decorated with pretty shells and rocks that sing her happy song and im not threatened by the multitude of waves pulling a dirty trick on me coz i know it will never get washed away. my castle of joy floats above the shore.

    if you rip open my heart, you won't find anything but love for another one that is my birth right, a place where i was once reborn as a child that cried but only tears of joy and got upset but only at the absense of his lover.
    and if you tear open my chest, you will find her breathing inside it, in the left corner, living and loving me with all that she has to offer.

    ps: bubu is currently deactivated but believe me she was realllly shy after reading this :D

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    the hunger i have for you, love, is exemplified by my needs and my needs demand for me to touch and kiss every part of your pretty soul.

    Will you let me taint it with my impurity and ruin you for the sake of love?