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    trifling trials of a treacherous heart

    "what do I look like?"

    "—like someone I've never seen before,"

    a flurry ensues as they waltz and they wink,
    two black holes, yearning a light in the far,
    it seems that my search will fall and sink,
    with this old, bittersweet pain in my heart.

    when the promised winter slumbers deep,
    and the air in my lungs is coy and cold,
    whisper me whereof born was this grief,
    through your eyes, sew me a tale yet untold.

    if I were to embrace you with my own hands,
    the warmth will weep through the infinitude,
    to a broken mirror, your silhouette will dance,
    waiting for the tarnished twilight to exude.

    and it'll always be fair to leave me in the dark,
    there'll never be a place for you in my heart.

    "will you remember me now?"

    "I will not."