• knives_and_pens 200w

    Darkness closely crept inside my blanket, as dead silence surrounded me.
    Putting of that mask of a smiling face, i threw myself on the bed to catch sleep.
    That's how i look, that's who i am. The smile that the world sees and praises is just a camouflage.
    Dark circled, tired eyes are my real lenses through which i gaze at the world. That are now tired of emitting a false spark and want to close its lids for a while.
    That old pale lifeless face is what i own , the mask just fooles the world around.
    Smiling and laughing with those greedy souls and motivating the whole damn world to be happy.
    The heart of glass doesn't wants to express emotions tonight.
    The bewildered mind doesn't wants to create lines to please.
    Dragging the body through the lashes of people's greed all through the day.
    My tear stained face made me realise i have lived with a facade again for one more day.

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    Darkness crawled on me and buried my scream in its lungs.