• fictionivvi 80w

    You can still feel the best in your worst days, just because you have someone. A single genuine person who loves you worth more than the thousand fake ones.
    I don't fear the darkness, I don't fear the pain.
    I have someone, who's my shelter in every strain and rain.
    With that one person, the world stops making sense to me. I'm blessed with the best friend, guardian, partner and love. Well, you may take everything away from me, and I still won't worry, because after everything, no one can snatch him away from me.
    Love is painful, I agree. But isn't it worth this pain ? Having that one person, who has already become your everything. Someone, whom you can share all your secrets with, unworriedly. Someone, you don't fear loosing. Someone, who fights for you and stands by you, no matter what.
    Someone, who's presence makes you feel alive and in who's absence, you start loosing yourself.
    Believe me, if you have that one person who fights the world for you, you're blessed. Never loose that person.
    Things might go wrong and people may try to tear you apart, but the more you fight, the more you come closer at heart.
    You're what god has blessed me with,
    I wonder if you're real, or simply a myth.
    You make me feel like no other,
    And so to me, not even a single person does bother.
    We've created something people take ages to create,
    And that's the reason they try to keep us seperate.
    You're my shelter, you're my shed,
    And so never to loose you, I've always prayed.

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    If you want to leave, with peace and dignity you can.
    If cheating you prefer, the worst drama you shall plan.
    You might trouble me, and try to harm.
    But I still have someone, who holds me in every storm.
    You give me scars, and I'll be healed soon.
    I don't fear your darkness, because I'm blessed with the full moon.