• sam201 50w

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    "Boating across the river of fantasy"

    This is the world with a beautiful sight!
    So much to think and so much to write .....

    Happiness of my own world is no where in this swirl!
    Relationship with lots of love,
    and care, all in a whirl...

    If people scatter, it does matter ;
    Life is not like served in a platter..!

    Emerging togetherness, making life so easy ,
    But still I don't know why we are so choosy?

    Where there is no doom ; only boon...
    Selfishness is the biggest hurting stone...

    People with kindness are actually great ..
    Finding such people , ways to create..

    No one superior, all in the same boat...
    Everyone similar on life's road..

    My world is dark,O my bad luck !
    No ray of hope, all seems stuck.

    Reality has to be faced,
    My badluck has to be chased;
    But still reality can be tamed,
    My badluck can be famed!


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    "One can dive into the river of fantasy
    But has to come back to the shores of reality."
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