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    The wedding invitation cards had been sent out, the wedding was in a week thanks to his effective mother. He sat in his office looking at the luxurious copy on his desk.
    His mother had changed ever since her meeting with Aurora and he was wondering what really happened back then. He even asked Aurora and she told him what had happened and yet nothing seemed fishy. Aurora wasn’t embarrassed to tell him just how older he was and the fact that she hates and likes him. Her honesty was one of the qualities he liked about her. Most of the women did all their best to flatter her and yet she was the opposite.
    ‘Sir, your mother is here,’ Victor said on the phone.
    ‘Send her in,’ he said.
    His mother rarely visited the office. Since she was here then it might be something important.
    He stood up and met his mother as she entered the office. He kissed her on both cheeks and helped her to sit on the couch.
    ‘I wasn’t expecting to see you here. Is everything okay?’ he asked.
    ‘Everything is fine. I just wanted to see you.’
    ‘You aren’t diagnosed with some strange disease are you?’
    ‘I’m fit and strong dear. I’m just happy that you are getting married,’ she told him tears filling her eyes.
    ‘Mother, please don’t do this.’
    ‘I’m sorry; it’s just that I never thought I get to see this. I’m just happy and wanted to say thank you.’
    ‘Mother please, I’m just doing my duty, there is no need for you to cry,’ he said giving her his handkerchief.
    His mother wiped away her tears and looked at him with those eyes that spoke so much.
    ‘I need you to promise me one thing,’ she said suddenly.
    ‘Whatever you want I will do it. Just name it,’ he said holding her hands now.
    ‘Promise me that whatever happens, you will never leave her,’ she said and he wondered who she was talking about now.
    ‘Who are you talking about mother? I’m confused.’
    ‘Aurora, don’t leave her. I won’t be able to accept it.’
    ‘You really like her that much?’
    ‘I do and I wouldn’t want anything to happen to her. Since you decided to marry her then keep your promise.’
    ‘I will not leave her no matter what,’ he promised.
    ‘I will leave now. I need to look for a wedding gown now. Aurora knows nothing and left me in charge,’ she said while standing up.
    ‘She told me about that. I won’t keep you here then. I will see you tomorrow for dinner,’ he said and kissed her.
    ‘Sure, take care.’
    Lucian escorted his mother to the elevator and watched her disappear.
    When he returned back to the office he was full of questions. His mother probably knew something about Aurora and she wasn’t saying it. What would that be to make his mother make him promise like that? It’s been years since he saw her shedding tears like that. There was more to the story than what his mother was letting on.

    Joan Ladra walked into the cemetery holding the bouquet of aster flowers. Her younger sister loved them so much and she wanted to see her before doing what she was about to do.
    She placed the bouquet on her grave and traced her fingers on the tombstone. Her sister had been dead for about five years now and now her secret was showing up.
    On her death bed June confessed to her that nearly two decades ago she had another baby. When Joan heard this she couldn’t believe it since she had never seen her little sister being pregnant again. June told her that she had an affair and her husband didn’t know about it. She didn’t want to abort the pregnancy so she made some excuses and went abroad until she gave birth to a baby girl. She couldn’t keep the baby so she sent her to an orphanage so that she could be sent to a loving family. She sent the baby with just a hairpin, the hairpins that the two of them shared.
    When she heard about Aurora from Jewel she didn’t think much about it until the day she saw her for herself. Aurora had a stricken resemblance to June; Jun did a lot of surgeries which altered her real appearance but she was after all her sister and she could recognize her any time. Aurora was just like June which made her think about what June told her back then.
    She did an investigation herself and found some shocking news. Aurora was her niece and she was getting married to her son. She wanted to keep her by her side and at the same time she didn’t want to destroy the joy her son had found. She wasn’t a fool, she could tell when her son was in love and she wasn’t going to cause harm to her son.
    ‘I found her June, she is beautiful. You would have been proud of her,’ she said, ‘I will look after her and protect her on your behalf.’
    Joan left the cemetery and returned back home. Upon reaching home she went to the safe room where valuable items were kept. She found June’s wedding dress where she left it. She was going to make Aurora wear her mother’s dress. That was the only thing she could do as her aunt.
    She took the dress out and called her seamstress.
    ‘I need you to do some touch ups on this dress,’ she told her.
    ‘It’s for the wedding this weekend?’
    ‘Yes, the sizes are exactly like Jewel. You can use those,’ Joan said.
    ‘Okay, I will alter it and bring it back before the wedding.’
    ‘Okay, go and sort it now. I don’t want any problems.’
    ‘There won’t be any Joan.’
    The seamstress left and Joan took a deep breath. There were still a couple of things she had to do. Since Aurora’s mothers were no longer in the world then she was going to do her part and make sure she wed in a grand manner.

    Aurora was sitting in the café she used to work at having a cup of hot chocolate when an unexpected guest landed at her table. The woman looked familiar, it was Jewel’s mother and she wondered why this woman was there.
    ‘You must be Aurora,’ she said as she sat down.
    ‘You must be Lucy,’ Aurora said in return.
    ‘So you know me?’
    ‘Of course, you left such a deep impression on me and gave me a daughter at such a young age,’ she said sipping her hot chocolate.
    ‘I have heard you are sweet and all but you just look like a rude teenager who is trying to take on something she shouldn’t,’ Lucy sounded fierce and Aurora smiled.
    ‘I never thought you are such a shallow woman. You should move on and let me give you an advice, I don’t respond well to threats. Unless I like you, I will retaliate so mind your words,’ she warned.
    ‘Who do you think you are?’
    ‘Me, I’m Aurora. The girl who will be marrying the man you divorced ages ago. If you thought he was still pinning on you then you were mistaken. Apparently he is now sniffing under my skirt. Don’t let it hurt you,’ she told Lucy while looking at her.
    ‘You are shameless. Is it money that you want?’
    ‘Of course, who wouldn’t want it? I’m going to drain every single penny form your ex husband, make him fall so deep he will jump if I tell him to. Don’t worry about your daughter though, I will surely give her all the love and care you couldn’t give her when you had the chance,’ Aurora said and stood up.
    Lucy got so frustrated that she stood up in a hurry, picked Aurora’s cup and threw it in her face.
    Why should she waste her hot chocolate on her face?
    Aurora took a towel and wiped her face, lucky for her she didn’t wear any make up. She looked at Lucy and smiled at her.
    ‘Why are you smiling?’ she asked full of fury.
    ‘If I don’t smile your head will be rolling down your neck now. This smile is to tell you that I have forgiven you but if you try to do something like this again then you will regret ever stalking me to this place in the beginning,’ Aurora threatened Lucy and excused herself from the table.