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    Ps. Over usage of same words.
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    Tinted glass means looking someone with different pov and judging them easily. Explanation took from the song stereotype - stayc where they sing in Hangul that "don't look me with tinted glasses" (explanation not mine!)

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    I am a girl with highest dreams colored in rainbows, that signifying that I have been oozing sketches of interests and wanting to try the colors that aren't used by any differing from the ones I use. Ever since the shades of desires keep changing, the way others looked at my painting kept changing. Sometimes the point of view of the one viewing the painting differs.
    Once there was a time where struggles was visible in my paintings. The hues were dark but over all I never wanted to show those. I felt sorrowed when I concealed the brighter ones over those. I never felt the presence of people whenever I had my usual ones. Slowly I truly wanted to show how the black paintings were majorly taken over. Suddenly the thought of mixing emotions of colors became mono colored. Have I ever thought of other wearing tinted glasses and looking upto the painting in a different point of view? Am I supposed to look over and change my sketch with minute details said by the other? I thought of an answer to those questions. Some hues are to change the darkened way of portraying the good and some are like sprinkling glitters that shows change for those aren't the ones I needed. Shining for one differs. It's not all always about the same sunshine and moon lights seperated indicating the "shining like them". I believe the "unique" that makes me shine different.
    "Not all the painting is single colored." I said as I gone back with sketching with the usual mixed colored emotions.