• phoenix_in_ashes 63w

    Emily, you know poems are not just written words.
    They are the soft taps of reassurance for everyone
    That its okay to be imperfect, unique and
    They are the gate way of writer's soul
    Sprinkling confetti for prismatic emotions
    Conspicuously soothing to the one who deciphers
    Annoyingly Abstruse for the Apathetic ones
    These phrases of metaphors speak pure love
    Shimmering profundity through writer's heart
    Like hymns of life are synced with words
    Not essays nor stories but concise perfection
    Reconciliation of memories and experiences
    Rapture releases as ink is spilled on paper
    Pain, glory, bliss, anguish, betrayals, affection,
    All dancing at once In allegories of rhymes
    Frivolously gleaming with all sorts of imaginations
    Poetry can't be created by every creature,
    No other than few rare sapiens can know its worth
    Emily its a gateway to unbridled passion
    Every inch on paper brings millions of thoughts
    You see it as lifeless carcass with no hope
    But for me its a constant symphony of compassion
    Unfeigned lines with satirical vibes
    Always searching for treasure in musings and life
    To bloom with creation as our heart sings
    Poetry is prominent reason to be alive indeed
    Its splendid, sorrowful, appeasing, chaotic, delightful,
    Whimsical, wicked or anything a writer wants it to be
    Anything his/her demons and angels respite within
    Allowing them to escape mundane rhythms,
    And incarnate heartfelt emotions through words

    To solicit a poet/poetess why do you write poetry
    Is like asking them why are you alive or why do you breathe? There's no meaning until you see that it is a part of my divine feelings that I've bled so dearly just to feel free.

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