• gelukzoeker 76w

    //.You can skip this.\

    I miss you.I miss you in a way that it hurts.
    Can't you just come back?

    I don't know what to do,all that you left me with,is a letter.The best letter someone could ever give me,something that will stay with me,always and forever.

    I wish I knew what you were feeling,
    I wish I could turn back time and make it better for you,
    If only I could,but I know,I cant.
    I wish that you were alive.
    I wish that instead of you,it was me.
    But all I can do is wish.

    You really didn't deserve any of it,you deserved the best but life is just so unfair,isn't it?
    Thankyou Perv,thankyou for making me this happy.

    Thankyou for lending me your shoulders,
    Thankyou for making me feel home in your arms when I was lost,
    Thankyou for listening to my endless drama,
    Thankyou for holding my hand when I fell apart,
    Thankyou for staying when everyone left.
    Thankyou for showing me what love really is,
    that if its love,nothing else really matters.

    I hope that in your next life,god gifts you with a brain,so that you don't make the same mistakes you made in this life.
    I hope wherever you are,you are as happy as you made me.
    And I hope you don't fall in love with someone like me,
    But I hope you get someone who loves you as much as you love her.

    Be happy stupid,wherever you are,be happy,thats all I want.



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    I wish you had stayed a little longer.