• phomolokoloka 60w

    It always ends sadly and painfully

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    The dawn of the sky appeared
    The melody of birds woke me up
    Stared to the sun as it rose up for a brighter day
    My phone vibrated
    It was your text, i felt the joy down my spine
    My heart beat increased
    Your words warmed my heart, such a charm you are
    I was fast to reply
    Blushed now and then
    Joy was my middle name by then
    You knew how to drive me crazy
    Your texts took me into the future we were to have
    Once or twice seen your face
    You started to be quiet, i got worried
    I thought it was nothing to worry much about
    Once had been between your arms, i felt the power of connection
    By then you had my heart
    I felt we were meant to be
    You took control of me
    That was your chance to destroy me
    You texted, wanting us no more
    But you never bothered to tell me the reasons for the break up
    It felt like a hot slap to the face
    You disappeared
    After taking my heart and making it bleed
    Now you're gone, but i miss you
    You took my soul from me
    It ended sadly, painfully
    A big stab it was