• rottenaesthetics 26w

    That void in my darkness that has been growing little by little,
    I think thst void has fallen for my thoughts of nothingness,
    I think it has fallen for the feelings I so subtly describe,
    I think it has fallen for the heart I very easily break,
    Maybe it has fallen for the way I described living,
    Or maybe about how I described to finally know peace,
    Has it fallen about my love for a being far away from home,
    Or has it fallen for the first time I had known love,
    Has it fallen for the pure life I dream or the chaos I live in.
    So I ask it a question everyday, it answers me, sometimes calm,
    Sometimes ridden with anger for those uncertain arms that never stop,
    I asked it the meaning of what was peace and why had I not known it,
    I asked that when I fall down why has this fall known no end,
    I ask for those smiles and how much I owe the universe for them,
    I ask if my sins are mine alone or if I have my demons to share them,
    I ask for the heaven and when did it turn to hell,
    I asked for what happens when it all comes to an end,
    I got an answer for every question, each a different version of the same,
    There is no solid truth in this chaos all there is, is waiting for it to end.
    And yet I still talk about the love I never received from an unfamiliar scene,
    That when I do fall into abyss, all I would say is, "oh how it feels to be seen".

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