• mildreveries 79w

    The story was meaningless
    For the time was wrong
    Verses pouring out mercilessly
    Oh what a sad sad song

    Omens sing a strange tune
    Try, try another one
    The touch has been longing
    Relive before it's gone

    Perfection matters much
    Expectations masking realities
    Still too farcical to imagine
    These are just captivities

    We're a moonrise away from bliss
    A dawn away from freedom
    Mighty sunshine still captures the fancy
    Driving away the petty nightly demons

    Is withdrawal the only way out
    Or is acceptance an option 
    Mired between two difficult choices
    Life conjures a skeptic's notion

    Pain's just a lucid dream
    Still hurts to face it as is
    The road is long and still
    Life waits for the dulcet kiss