• nidifice_dweller 37w

    Apologies for the expletive.

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    Myriad times i picked up the pen, in my defense
    But damned if i knew what to write
    Lost in a humdrum sisyphean existence
    My mind had forgotten its ability to take flight.

    Where words used to sing and dance
    In a resonant, sonorous symphony
    Now all is quiet in an unforeseen circumstance
    Except at night, when pandemonium breaks free.

    I cleave the weedy walls of inhibitions everywhere
    Sometimes i bleed, but i ignore the pain
    Reaching out to the muses, with utmost care
    I endeavor to write, but all in vain.

    At last I descry a luminous, elusive wisp
    And as I take solace in its familiar glow and shine
    Hope stirs a zephyr, light and crisp
    Atleast for tonight inspiration will be mine.