• achingsaoirse 39w

    Maybe it was faint on my memories but i still remember your smile that wrinkles the sides of your eyes,
    The roars of your laughter and tears of joy whenever you see us, your grandchildren,
    The perfect set of teeth despite your age,
    Your short height and signature vintage pants,
    Expensive shirts and cologne,
    That get up for a bingo session.

    We're on the other side of the world and can't be with you on your side of the road,
    I'm sorry we aren't there,
    I'm sorry we aren't complete,
    Your sons and daughters,
    Grandsons and granddaughters,
    We're all on a different place,
    I'm sorry we can't say goodbye.

    And now they've gathered beside you,
    To be with you, to see you,
    And on the last moments I hope we're there to assure you that everything's going to be alright,
    Now I long to hear your voice,
    To see your tears of joy,
    To witness your brows frown with displease because somebody stole one of our coconuts,
    Listen to you cursing out those who destroy your property.

    Admire you and grandma dance on a Christmas night,
    Listen to you sing your favorite song on the karaoke,
    You always sing the same song, every time,
    And we were always happy to hear you sing because you look carefree,
    Like a child,

    And now, all i see is how you can't get up to walk by yourself,
    You can't form words you wish to say,
    Speak what's on your mind, you can't,
    Now I only hear your grumbles beneath you breath,
    You face planted with displease with the noise and tears of helplessness.

    How could I have eased the pain?
    Could I have helped you in anyway?
    Could we have made you happy at least?
    I wish for your peace and quiet,
    Your silence of satisfaction and please that you raised your children, and they are fine now.