• nakupenda 29w


    I honestly just
    need someone
    to come into
    my life that
    genuinely cares
    who notices the
    times I’m
    struggling without
    uttering a word
    I need someone
    whose curious
    about me and
    wants to sit and
    have conversations
    about the things
    that actually matter
    who wants to go
    on adventures late
    at night music
    turned up the 
    windows down as
    in the middle of
    who wants to be
    there for me when
    I’m at my lowest
    points the times I
    can’t see myself
    clearly or I’ve
    forgotten who I am
    there to remind me
    magic exists and it’s
    alive inside of me and
    to celebrate with me
    at my highest points
    where echos of
    laughter ringing in
    the air
    someone to be silly
    when I’m trying to
    to act mature
    to awaken the child
    within me
    I need someone to
    just be the rock
    that friendship is
    built on
    I need someone to
    keep me going
    because life is so
    I’m caught in the
    storm it rages
    around me
    will I find that one
    friend who never
    gives up
    I’m ready to do
    the same
    straighten the
    crown of the one
    who knows me
    better than myself
    who stays and puts
    up with having to
    keep me
    for I’m unpolished
    a diamond in the
    built beautiful by
    the pressures of