• shadesofyu 15w

    Lost Soul

    Lost, was all she thought to herself.
    Lost in life, or through winning battles,
    Lost in the day when she found herself at night,
    Plainly sitting in the dark, trying to sketch a face of who she was,
    Lost her voice,
    Lost herself,
    Lost her smile,
    Lost herself,
    Lost her tears,
    Lost herself,
    Lost her identity,
    Lost her soul,
    Looking at her and there, at faces walking by,
    Trying to find a soul,
    Who could find her smile,
    Glazing at the sun and the nigt shown upon,
    She still seemed lost,
    Her face, pale,
    Her eyes, without emotion,
    Her smile, gone forever,
    She was looking for something,
    Solace maybe,
    In the midst of being lost,
    It came to my mind,
    To just sit with her and not say a word,
    As we embarked the journey of just sitting in silence, the lost soul, moved closer,
    Slowly a small tear grew in her eye
    For when that happened, a part of me danced, she didn't seem lost anymore, her eyes told me a new story,
    Something about death,
    Death of who she was and what she had become,
    To take her back to her old self,
    In the midst of being a listener and keeping the judgements aside, she slowly found herself.