• pranabh_creativity_works 54w

    Female bodies are not any battlegrounds
    Where you keep on harassing them sexually
    Female are the ones to be worshipped
    Not to be played with
    Stop passing bad comments on them
    This vulgarity never proves you all as men
    Real men are those who respect women
    Treat them as your friend and protect them
    Instead of hurting them
    I being a male say that i do respect women..
    As i have seen my own one loosing her life
    Because of few bastards who screwed her life..
    And when she screamed for help no one turned out
    I have lost one close member of my life
    But i want to tell you guys that
    Still today i shed tears in her memory
    As i remember her blooded body
    I here have taken a oath that i will protect women in and around me not only my family ones but in the society also
    Guys please respect women and whenever she asks for help please do it for her...
    Jai hind...