• emma_ede 59w


    It all began with a slap, he had lost his temper. She pushed me too far and definitely deserved it he thought, after all I am the authority in this home, how dare she challenge me.
    Love is patient she said to herself, besides I may have gone too far in challenging his decision after all he is the head of this house. And so it continued, she never spoke up, never asked for help. Her mantra "love is patient" kept her going. With each new scar came a new excuse for his shortcomings and inadequacies. I'm sure he'll come around she hoped.
    Today the beating had gone beyond the usual slaps,knocks and punches. Now she lay flat on her back in a pool of her own blood, regret her only companion. I should have spoken up, asked for help, reached out to someone and not loved blindly nor defended his actions. As life slowly crept out of her, she realized he had been an animal all along, a vile beast, the worst to have walked the earth. He had ended her life but her actions had been her own undoing.
    He stood over her body and couldn't remember what the fight had been about and immediately felt a wave of grief and guilt but it was too late. This was her end and he caused it.