• vikrambourne 37w

    Emotional side

    Enjoying the slow evening breeze with a cup of coffee
    I scroll down my works with the pen on different handles online
    And found out something interesting
    My creativity and imagination never yielded me any good comments
    But the works out of emotion had positive response all over it
    I just find it hard to believe
    Cause I always wanted my imagination to reach others
    To make people see what I imagine or make
    But the sad reality is that my fictional works ain't that good to earn a heart warming comment
    On the other hand emotions I pour out reached out well
    Well I realise I have a long distance to go from here
    Slowly moulding myself in the walk of life to bring out the best in me
    Emotions make a human humane
    And someday I'll put my emotional side into my imaginary world and make it lively
    I don't know when I can reach that feat
    Till then I'll keep on penning my imagination
    Like this one.