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    How foolish was I to think I had Found Love when I have a small dick or a bank account with some major kinda funds how foolish was I to think I'd Found Love with the same desire I had for the other one how foolish was I to think I was the one that would matter in the end like I did from day one now foolish was I I think I was something more than a fat worthless carcass with the faceless expression of a pumpkin without a candle in darkness how silly I must be to think someone would want to hang out with someone like me who is smelly and musty how foolish was I to reside in that dream that my life would work out the way I thought it should be how foolish was I to fall into the scheme the happiness means something more than a Financial mean how foolish was I to think love would be enough to share breath with another in the same kind of love how foolish I am I think I was something better than a fat short hairy walking expression of a dumpling how foolish was I think I was something when since the day I was born I've always been nothing how foolish is love when it takes away your breath Fooled by an illusion by a person who wanted me dead how foolish am i with such a bad judge of character and to think someone that could be so beautiful would let me really stare at her how foolish was I just a silly broke kid to think that I can compare to her famous friends and people that make her life big and to think I could play with my whole heart in such in a unloving game how silly of me that I believed in a that I can be someone truly worth someone else's time so foolish am that I went all-in thinking that the love we had was the reason we were friends how foolish was I to think that my past wouldn't creep back into my future and somehow I'd believe I had somehow escaped from being a walking laugh how foolish was I to really start to ignore that my existence has always been meager when I'm so good at making people feel bored how foolish was I and thought love could always go as long as we kept the garden nice and had more seeds to grow how foolish was I to think that love really mattered when the whole time I was just a meme and the reason for the masses laughter so foolish was I to think it was so real when I was just a silly actor well being a person with no skill how foolish would I be actually believe I could turn a new page and become a New leaf so how can I deny that it is this way and other grasses AR Always Greener I have no reason for someone to stay how foolish am I to think I could change in the day of picket fences in Green Pastures when my yard is Zero scales so foolish was I to believe I was great and think of be a king when my life is just a shame how foolish was I to think I could plant seeds and Truly find love in a place where love isn't free how foolish was I to think this can happen and that I could be more important then a wet cocktail hour napkin foolish was I I think that I could help and bring a sunny day to this Loveless hell when things are only great fat people sell how foolish am I to think that I was great when I'm not educated and clearly overweight how foolish am I to think that my time would matter money my words amount up to endless chatters so foolish was I who tried to make love matter when what we have isn't what I sought after how did I think I could do but others seem to do easily and bring matter to someone's life in a way that fulfilling would seem like Easy Street so silly am I the living a lie but I built it myself to think I was all right how could I deny that I'm such a boring person and could be loved back in a way that was seen more than as worthless how foolish was I I think that the time I spent would be seen as great I'm financially I'm a joke and I have an ugly face how silly am I to be lost as an orphanage joke meaning of thinking that I could be the apple of another's tote unfortunately I guess I'm a bad judge of character cuz even the mirror told me I don't want 2 even stare at you how full should my did I ever even tried to be more than the road I was born on to like I was some other guy now that I look back I can see why you and continue to live your own life while pretending we were the best how can I lie you say I should be dead when I had a mountain nothing then someone who can cook and keep the house clean for the kids I can't deny I should have never been in my mother's ovaries to become what I am no way to deny and I'll be some other better man after a little time with a heart like mine that's broken to s*** I should try not to deny that this is the end in some kind of brand new self-loving trip cuz how could I deny that if I find another person to live and try to be with that I wouldn't be wasting their time from the first day we met I will not lie I wish I was not a felon so I could go buy a pistol and do exactly what these people think I should be doing to help them save them the time and the false lines they come from their mouths while I read otherwise on their minds if I am honest how would I Define my own life as worthless Second Chances that wasted good people's time it feels like a crime but it's the truth I should have never conceived a child the knows I'm a fool how can I buy cuz this is the truth this moment I died not one tear would fall or tissue would be used to myself I can't lie cuz this is the truth it's like I already died and the rest of my days will be amusing and filler for the news there's no one to blame really myself cuz the words I say are true when judgment is dealt if given the chance I've looked my father in the eye and ask him why did you ever rub one out between my mom's thighs truth be told I did not spend the time to write this for self-pity is honestly people can see my worthlessness at first sight no way to deny no reason for pride no family or friends or even any real reason to stay alive this is my truth my life is been proof the nothing begets nothing when you fit in the shoes no matter what it did in the matter how I tried every intersection became a failure in time what can I do but try to give back to you all the time that I wasted along with the bad taste I left in people's mouth with reason for hatred no reason to lie or even pretend if you're still reading this I'm truly sorry you did is this was for me so I could stop the lie you finally see but everything I am is what mothers tell their kids not to be and they do that so and I hope they do rightfully