• nightwriter_i 34w

    May 29th, 12:29 AM

    I am thinking and I like it. Still a guy stuck in the oral traditions. To be understood is a relief but I don't write to get some eyes moored at my perceptions.

    Don't know which part of content and operations gave this product.

    I don't provide any sort of description for my poems because I don't like people knowing what exactly I want to convey, on the top of that, it's always better to read a poem and make it yours.

    Been thinking, and it's not new.

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    Onto a crack

    On the Broadway,
    in the midst of beautiful buttcracks
    one's my favourite
    the one I haven't touched yet
    it's the one that's far away
    behind bushes and a lattice
    under a well woven mattress.

    It has got zits on its cheeks
    and it shrinks when it sits
    Smells like a flower when in love
    A long lasting snuff.