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    Dreams and nightmares alike
    Scattered like trees in woods
    Forgotten necessity,
    Survival tactics..
    Yet at times a scientist
    accompanies the hunter
    In search for exotic wild flowers
    Just like my cheeks
    That hurts with smiles
    For wet lashes that
    break my soul anew

    I don't remember my dreams
    Yet they leave behind tokens as gifts
    I don't remember nightmares either
    Yet they leave behind assurance that,
    "This was just a dream"

    ~girl who likes to remember

    I never remember my dreams, but what I do remember are the emotions that they left behind. I vividly remember that night when I woke up with heavy heart and strange feeling, a feeling that urged me to cry, to sob. But I don't remember why. I did cry that night. I don't know why. It did make me feel better, feel light and floating. Some mornings I wake up with smiles on my face. I don't know why I was smiling, whom I saw, or what pleasant things were there. Amidst all the chaos, at times these small gifts that your brain gifts you are precious, worth cherishing.

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    Just another Dream

    Panting and shaking with unshed tears
    Choking on voiceless scream
    Unlike last few nights,
    Tonight, I remember

    Whimpering whispers waiting
    For moonshine to brighten my soul
    Wash away my sorrow in it's cold glow
    But today, universal conspiracy won
    It's a new moon with starless gray

    Unable to move, captivated in dazz
    My hands wander for water
    A task repeated with muscle memory
    But a crash echoes in my silenced room
    Was it my ego or fragile glass shattering?

    Stepping out of my tangled bed
    My body hugs the floor
    Head bangs on the nightstand
    A soft moan escapes my frozen lips
    I'm alive, perhaps I'm awake

    Memory of the nightmare fades
    But my heavy heart lingers on
    Waiting for the voiceless scream
    Panting and shaking with unshed tears