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    changing scripture to fit an agenda has forever marked the soul within you as an artificial code so that not even the medican man could teach ya

    birth pains are the renderings of the legions of death you have been ignorantly leading

    the end has come of the days and times of promoting charities to end the worlds troubles while simultaneously counting the earnigs you make from the sickness shipped in to our lives for the greed and richs you worship and device with keeping us sick at the expense all while planning the next vaction you book from season to season

    no matter the scriptures you changed I continually thank God for sending me the truth and salvation of Jesus and giving me the eyes and heart open enough to render discernment from these demonic treasons

    the artificial make believe campaigns you made to continue doing the bidding that death that soon shall to be leaving into the eternity of shame on the sail boat you made to mock and destroy what the in world was good in the demise of the and truth that came by the resurrection of Jesus

    muhammad built castles made of sand and now wonders why its sinking while grabbing each hard earned dollar that killed life God gave us when the air is produced from the seeds up into the trunks and out into tree limbs so clearly even the blind humans could vividly see this

    Id rrimble like you if I to sold out my own people for the money you locked into vaults on some terrorist dark cell creep tip

    like the beef that is whats for dinner owned by a demonic cult that only eats vegan n a dream you sold to all and simultaneously dont believe in only to not swallow that sinners pill but also to place it in the super bowl ads to profit from this evil