• ursumeet 176w

    The moon has arrived with a pleasant smile,
    Let your heart flutter with love,
    Let your eyes recognize it's glitter,
    And get vanished into the dreams of valentine.
    Good Night and sleep tight.

    #recognize #kiss_feb_love #pod

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    Hope you all like it.
    Thank you so much all.
    Happy Valentine's Day and Kiss Day.
    May your life be fulfilled with love and smiles.
    Love y'all������������✨
    Prayers, blessings, love & care for you all fam!
    I'm sorry I'm not able to reply uh all will be replying uh soon. Tc! God bless you.

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    "Dear Love,
    I made a wish
    For you & me to flourish
    Our love with a bliss
    And I seal it with a kiss."