• shadownik 38w

    A sorrow

    And there I was, panting and struggling
    In a whirlpool of madness and depression

    While there you were, bumbling and cackling
    Oblivious to my suffering, with a cold expression

    All I wanted was someone to comfort
    To take my addled mind into a warm embrace
    But you only ever felt I was a disgrace
    Why couldn't you see that I was just hurt

    Now that I've won, it is a thing of the past
    But a hint of that soreness has already grown a cast
    My heart doth feel an aversion to love
    And my mind oft question " Is what I know to be love really love "

    Though my beliefs were shaken
    I still abide and try to help and be kind
    Cause I belive in happiness that cometh by following the heart
    It has never been a question of right nor wrong
    That was what I had gathered on mending my addled mind..

    And now you call me heartless and cold?
    You call me selfish and question my heart
    Too say that I am indifferent to suffering
    When what you have suffered is akin to a minor scrape

    Where were you when I was struggling to breathe
    The thing that pulled me out was my calculating mind
    It was the anchor to my drifting mind.

    I get it that you couldn't see it
    I get it that you can't stand me not seeing it
    There's no fault of yours nor mine
    But where doth justice lie...