• virtually_real 10w

    To you is my heart a gift wrapped in love. Place your hands on my chest and hear out the name my heartbeats sing. Stay close to my breath that's full of passion brewing in my mind. You keep dancing around my conscience and i can only make sense of my world when I look into your eyes. Was there ever a more beautiful illusion? A fountain streaming from gates of heaven and a flower garden growing from depths of hell. I wish our skins meet the way birds meet trees and sunlight meets raindrops. I'll take a glimpse of your heart through the prism of hope until all your broken pieces become whole. I'll cast upon your fingers a timeline of all days we've spent together. We'll look at the past together and it'll look more enticing than the future. We'll make love until stars rest upon your lap and moon sleeps in my arms. We'll make love until darkness rests peacefully behind the horizon and sun shimmers in golden glimmer of your smiles and mine.

    PS - No distance between us can change our destiny.


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    My love

    You're all the blessings I ever asked for.